Sunday, December 26, 2004

Quite Possibly the Definition of Bat-Sh*t Crazy

So, last week Thursday (Dec. 23rd) while I was at work, I headed out to find some lunch, and walked past what could quite possibly be the definition of 'bat-shit crazy'. Considering that it is Christmas time, the local shopping mall decided to have a jazz combo performing during lunch time. Now, I realize that there is absolutely nothing crazy about that...until you factor in where the mall had them set up. They were not inside the mall...they were outside the front entrance. Why, might you ask, was this so crazy...well, when I got back to the office (after walking past this combo, including a trumpet and a trombone player) I checked the was 4 degrees above zero (that's about 16 below for those that prefer Celsius). As we all learned from A Christmas Story , touching any part of your mouth to anything metal while outside in freezing temperatures is a really really bad idea. But yet, here they were...playing brass instruments. I only wish I had had my digital camera with me.