Saturday, March 19, 2005

We are the champions, my friend...

With all the focus on the NCAA D-1 Men's Basketball Tournament this weekend, many other games get ignored. No, I'm not referring to the Not Invited Tournament, nor the D-1 Women's Tournament. My focus for the moment is on the NCAA D-3 Men's Basketball Tournament, which just concluded in Salem, VA not more than a few minutes ago. My congratulations go to the hometown team, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Pointers, and their coach Jack Bennett. They not only won their second straight National Championship, they did it in a convincing fashion by thouroughly stomping York (PA) and Rochester (NY) this weekend with a combined margin of victory of 47 points.

UWSP is only the 3rd team to ever win back-to-back D3 National Championships. What is more remarkable is that these players are playing for the love of the game. D3 teams have no scholarships, no tv contracts, and are students first, unlike the stats coming from their D1 counterparts.

UWSP has a tradition for great basketball...a former coach, Dick Bennett, left to coach the Wisconsin Badgers, and now is the head coach at Washington State. Dick took the Pointers all the way to the championship game in the 1983-84 season. One of his players that season, Terry Porter, went on to a successful NBA career and is now the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks.