Sunday, June 19, 2005

Free health care for all

A great idea that will never go anywhere. Especially since businesses will be tricked into thinking this is a tax...even though they already pay it to insurance companies as a premium co-pay.

If this idea moves forward, just watch the insurance and hospital lobbyists spin into high gear to kill it hard and fast.

The Capital Times: Health plan would cover all in state
Proposal gets rare bipartisan support
By David Callender
June 15, 2005

In a rare show of bipartisanship, two state lawmakers and a former top aide to Gov. Jim Doyle are proposing a $13.5 billion-a-year plan that would guarantee health insurance coverage for all Wisconsin residents.
The proposal was unveiled this morning during a hearing before the Assembly Medicaid Reform Committee.
The proposal is co-sponsored by the committee's chairman, Rep. Curt Gielow, R-Mequon, as well as Rep. John Richards, D-Milwaukee.
The plan is the brainchild of David Riemer, Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle's former state budget director and now head of the Wisconsin Health Project, and Lisa Ellinger, another former Doyle aide. Joe Leean, a former Republican state senator and former secretary of the state Department of Health and Family Services, has also been working with Riemer.