Thursday, June 23, 2005

When Pavements Attack...a new FOX Special

Now...I'm just being a bit picky here, but it's concrete, not cement. For those SAT analogy lovers, cement is to concrete as flour is to cake.

NBC15 | Sweltering Cement:
Not only are the days of extreme heat on the rise but that extreme heat is causing the concrete to rise. On Tuesday, concrete buckled on the beltline causing traffic delays near Mineral Point Road.

During this time of year with the recent extreme heat, pavement temperatures get between 95 and 115 degrees which causes the concrete to expand. Highway Superintendent Steve Haag says, 'It starts moving on its base and what happens is when it gets to a point that's real weak. The concrete will actually buckle and heave up into the air and ride up over itself.'
Highway patrol says motorists need to watch out for buckling concrete since it can be very dangerous. Usually when the pavement rises up the traffic goes over it, but drivers need to be careful because it can cave in.
When concrete heaves it is not only costly, but roads need to be temporarily closed in order to fix the buckle."