Friday, January 28, 2005

The big tent needs to reopen for business...

From Daily Kos (reposted in its entirety because I felt like it, and I tend to agree with him):
What's the problem with Hillary?
by kos
Thu Jan 27th, 2005 at 14:41:36 PST

Feeling uncreative and tapped out, I took advantage of the day to run some errands and have lunch in The City. I let my thoughts lead where they may, and they culiminated with this simple question:
What the fuck is up with all the Hillary bashing around these parts?

To be clear, she's not my favorite potential presidential candidate for '08, but she's also not my least favorite choice.

Yet the more I thought about the personal attacks she endures from people on her own side, the angrier I got.

Look, there isn't a single person that has suffered worse at the hands of the Right Wing Noise Machine and the Corporate Media. She has borne the brunt of attacks that would've shriveled up lesser humans. She has had to deal with personal problems in a public way that would've driven most of us underground.

Yet not only has she parried aside those savage attacks, but she has grown and thrived. That is worthy of respect. She is on the front lines against our enemies and doesn't deserve to be ravaged by her own side. She doesn't go on Fox News to attack fellow Democrats, like some of the others do.

You disagree with her vote on Pet Issue X? Fine. Every elected official will vote against one of your pet issues. Expect 100% agreement with anyone and you WILL be disappointed. Heck, there are fools wailing about Obama this and Obama that already, as though any senator or congressman or governor or anyone will ever heed your every wish.

So disagree with actions X, Y, or Z if you must. But the vitriol sent her way here rivals that dished out by the Freepers. She doesn't deserve it, and I wish those people would chill. She's not the enemy.