Thursday, January 20, 2005

What you didn't see in the wall-to-wall coverage today

The Ambivalent Imbroglio risked life and limb (and potential arrest) in the police state that our nation's capitol has become over the past week to document the other side of the $40 million coronation orgy inauguration ceremony that occurred earlier today.

The pictures are excellent and it's just too bad that the handlers/media/police/etc shield the administration from realizing that SO MANY people disagree with their policies, and are willing to show up and voice their frustration. I suppose it is typical of corporate culture to surround yourself with "yes-men" at all times, never to hear a contradictory opinion muttered in your presence...but this country is not, and God-willing, will never become a corporation. So maybe, just maybe, the opinions of ALL the people will be listened to some day soon.