Friday, January 21, 2005

Holy bad taste, Batman!

FEMA has once again shown they have no idea how to properly use taxpayer dollars and created this tasteless, pointless, tactless, and just plain stupid flash game for kids.
A tsunami has just hit FEMA Beach and has rearranged a few things. Please put the 9 objects back where they belong to see the cyber-prize!

Apparently no humans were on FEMA beach at the time, or they were all just washed out to sea...because no floating dead corpses are part of the 9 objects that need to be replaced.

Glad to see our tax dollars are being wisely spent by this administration...

[Hat tip to Daily Kos for pointing out this insanity.]

UPDATE: The aforementioned "cyber-prize" consists of a cartoon frog either dancing or having a seizure.