Monday, February 14, 2005

got a good reason for taking the easy way out

Well, I realize that I've been quite remiss in posting lately, but I've been busy. The past few days were spent in the Twin Cities playing in a marathon trivia contest. For the better part of 50 straight hours I (along with about a dozen teammates) answered questions on a multitude of diverse subjects ranging from the postal code for the State of Ohio to the four activities listed underneath the high school yearbook photo for Barney Fife. This year's contest theme was based off of CSI, and needless to say, there were many CSI questions (thank god for transcript websites), and in the end we finished 13th (5 points behind 12th), and got the 500 point question this year.

Now, after a wonderful 4 day weekend, I have to head back to work in less than 10 hours...not really what I want to do, but oh well. I'll be paying more attention to current events, odd news, etc (and of course commenting) starting tomorrow. For now, its vegging out to CSI: Miami, doing laundry, and probably a bit of ironing.

Anyway, I'm out.