Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The West Wing quote to title this post...I'm just feeling too lazy to find a good one...and I forgot the great one from the beginning of The West Wing tonight.

I have to say that this election storyline (by blending in current events along with some good satire) seems to be representing a renaissance for the show. Now that they are out of the primaries, heading to the Democratic Convention with a virtual tie, it may get interesting...however, Jed sitting around eating ice cream with Vinick in the White House kitchen was quite fun to watch.

I only fear that the powers that be are going to screw something up, or just go off the deep end like they did earlier this season when they started talking about giant meteors, and the plot line seemed ripe for a cameo from Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler.

I'm hoping they manage to stay on this side of the shark for the remainder of the season, and I'm not going to expect much from the "swan song" that the next season will be.