Thursday, May 05, 2005

and with no lifesaver you try your best to float

While I realize I don't disclose much on this blog (other than my cat, apparently), my undergrad alma mater has just made a decision I really am puzzled by.

Some of you may already know that Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI) is moving to the Big East Conference this fall, and as a result, they decided to revisit the athletic nickname issue again. After all, they've made brilliant decisions in the past, so why not take another bite at this apple?

The Marquette Golden Avalanche Hilltoppers Warriors Golden Eagles (and others, I'm sure) are now the "Gold". From the official press release:
“Gold” boldly represents Marquette’s proud athletics traditions such as Golden Avalanche, Golden Eagles and Gold Rush, the current student fan section for basketball games. It has also become the signature color for Marquette athletics worn proudly around the country by Marquette students, alumni and fans. In athletics, the mark of a champion is often a gold medal or trophy.

Not quite sure what that may entail for a mascot, but I guess the powers that be will come up with something equally clever. After all, here's the new athletic monogram: