Thursday, May 05, 2005

this ain't no jam, the jam can scram

Reading this post over at BTQ yesterday made my mouth water...and also made me curse the fact that my grill is in storage (and has been since November of 2003). Stupid rules about charcoal grills on second story wooden decks...stupid stupid stupid.

To quote a little:
The Santa Maria-style tri-tip is considered northern California barbeque. The main difference being that tri-tip is cooked over direct medium-high heat and for only about 30-40 minutes, while true barbeque is cooked for a long time at a low temperature over indirect heat. The tri-tip is so good that I won't quibble with the Californians over the proper use of the word "barbeque."

Needless to say, the recipe sounds delicious, and hopefully I'll be able to fire up the grill on many an occasion once my relocation is completed.

Mmm...barbeque [/homer simpson]