Tuesday, May 03, 2005

work all day, be all that I can be...

Just a quick update from my desk at work...

Back inside after a very cold last week out in the field. Windchills in the 30s are not welcome in April, nor now in May. Yesterday morning I awoke to snow falling, but fortunately it was a bit nicer today. If the weather forecast holds, it will be a great weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, I'll be heading back down to Madison to look at apartments on Friday (I'm taking a well-deserved day off), and enjoying a beautiful weekend downtown. I found a building I like, in a good location, and at a great price with on-site parking, and they don't charge extra for cats...sounds perfect, so I'm checking it out.

Last weekend in Madison was great as well, busy but very fun. The Crazylegs Classic was quite an experience. Mostly an experience in running around dipshits slow-moving individuals who clearly failed to understand the concept (or actual length) of a 5-mile run. Needless to say, if I run this again next year, I won't be lining up honestly where I did this time. Passing 1000+ people really sucks. Official time: 44:32, 3040th place. (First two miles were 10 & 9 minutes respectively...which pretty much hosed the rest of the run, pacewise). The run up Observatory Drive really wasn't bad at all, and the course was fine. It did serve it's overall purpose of a nice Madtown warmup for the Mad City Half Marathon at the end of this month.

T minus 61.