Monday, June 27, 2005

My current after work project!

Writing a Resignation Letter - Career Guide: How To Handle Your Resignation

Resigning form a position is one of the most difficult aspects of the job search process and one that often gets the least amount of attention. The first time I needed to resign, I stood up and sat back down about five times before I had the courage to walk into the managers office and give my two weeks notice. In order to help you avoid the same overpowering anxiety involved in your first resignation, I've compiled the following tips to guide you through the process.
Be Prepared: The anxiety involved in resigning can be mitigated with proper preparation. The first step is to prepare a short resignation letter to offer to your manager at the conclusion of the meeting. The key to an effective letter is to keep it on point and to express your appreciation for the opportunity that you had with the company. This is not the place to document all that was wrong with the position. The following links will provide you with some general examples of effective resignation letter."