Sunday, January 22, 2006

From a CSI rerun this evening (I agree with Grissom completely on this):

FATHER POWELL: I celebrate mass every Thursday night, 7:00.

GRISSOM: Thank you ... but ... (he shakes his head) ... no.

FATHER POWELL: You don't believe?

GRISSOM: In religion? I believe in God, in science ... in Sunday supper. I don't believe in rules that tell me how I should live.

FATHER POWELL: Even if they're handed down by God?

GRISSOM: How many crusades were fought in the name of God? How many people died because of someone's religion?

FATHER POWELL: Fanaticism. Not religion.

GRISSOM: Semantics. They're still dead. I'm sorry about Ben, father.

(GRISSOM stands up.)

FATHER POWELL: You still suffer like a catholic.

(FATHER POWELL also stands up.)

FATHER POWELL: Light bulb goes out other people fix it, get a new one. Light bulb goes out for the Catholic he stands in the dark says, "What did I do wrong?"

GRISSOM: That guilt's not in me anymore.