Friday, January 14, 2005

Homeland Insecurity? (or, How Hard Is It To Find Someone to Work in D.C. That Didn't Pay An Illegal Immigrant Nanny Off The Books?)

Dave Letterman's Top Ten List from a few nights ago (Wednesday, I think...)

Top Ten Questions George W. Bush Asked His Homeland Security Nominee

10. "Do you have previous experience securing homelands"?

9. "How will you make the terror alert system more cumbersome and ineffective?"

8. "Do you generally get along well with people named Condoleezza?"

7. "Tell me again--who the hell are you"?

6. "If I have a beer during our Cabinet meetings, will you tell Laura?"

5. "Be honest-would you really spend any time keeping Delaware safe?"

4. "You're not a member of Al-Qaeda, are you?"

3. "May I refer to you as my 'Secretary Homey'?"

2. "Are you comfortable coordinating information among the CIA the FBI, and KFC?"

1. "Is there any chance of you going 'McGreevey' on us?"

[For those of you keeping track of such things (and I think a few might), Delaware was singled out in #5.]