Sunday, January 09, 2005

Another Day, Another Book it's official...I'm a procrastinator (and a bit of a pathetic one at that). Instead of doing laundry, cleaning my kitchen, doing dishes, or anything else, I read an entire book. Yup...the whole damn thing, start to day. So, was the book good? Yeah...State of Fear by Michael Crichton is a great read. But I have to say that the current state of the world, just 2 weeks after the tsunami, made reading this book seem a little surreal.

The threat of environmental terrorism takes a deeper, darker turn in this book...the Environmental Liberation Front (ELF) is recruited by a seemingly innocuous environmental organization called NERF to carry out acts that should seem like freak weather brought about by abrupt climate change. These acts are being timed to occur in the days immediately prior to the start of a major conference on climate change and global warming.

George Morton, an eccentric billionaire who abruptly disappears, his attorney Peter Evans, his assistant Sarah and the enigmatic Dr. Kenner find themselves in a race to stop the ELF at all costs.

This book is definitely worth the time to read.