Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Weird News from Cheesehead Land

While I'd love to fill you in about people taking days off of work to go shovel out Lambeau Field (for $8/hr), Brenda over at Little Caesar's Daily R & R has done a more than adequate job with coverage on that, so I'll just offer the links she found. See the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel stories here and here.

As a result, I guess I'm just resigned to tell you all about this story instead.
Iowa County sheriffs deputies and Dodgeville police are trying to find a kangaroo that was spotted in the area Monday night.

Officials do not know where it came from.

They believe it is a 4-foot-tall red kangaroo. It was spotted just outside the city of Dodgeville by the Madison exit.

If you see the kangaroo, do not pet it, police said. They can be dangerous.