Saturday, March 26, 2005

Spring has sprung...for now

Well, we have truly entered the start of spring here in the frozen wasteland of North Central Wisconsin. Every day its in the 40s, every night its in the teens or 20s. Freeze.Thaw.Freeze.Thaw.Freeze.Thaw....I think you get the picture. I would have posted last night, but I was having too much fun watching basketball on CBS and realizing just how BIG an east coast bias really exists in the CBS announcing squads.

[dripping sarcasm]Clearly Wisconsin didn't deserve to be in the Sweet 16...after all, they beat 2 teams seeded lower than their piddly 6 seed. And NC State is just too much of a powerhouse for Wisconsin. They're just going to steamroll right over the's gonna be ugly. Now don't get me started on the Big 10, what a poor basketball conference. 3 teams in the Sweet 16, but only Illinois deserved it, clearly.[/dripping sarcasm]

So, you may ask, why exactly did I have so much fun watching the CBS coverage? Well, it was so wonderful seeing these announcers attempt to backpedal from their statements of how the ACC is just god-like in their basketball prowess after Duke and NC State met their demise on the Big 10 teams...hah hah hah. Now, there are 3 Big 10 teams in the Elite 8, and 1 ACC team.

Pardon me, but would any CBS announcers like me to pass the Grey Poupon? I've heard it's excellent on crow.