Friday, April 15, 2005

What a long long week!

So, the week is finally over, and hopefully I'll finally be able to catch up on my sleep...caffeine is truly my friend at this moment.

My trip to Madison, while not really yielding any immediate apartment results, was excellent nonetheless. First, the birthday evening with my cousin in Mt. Horeb was nicely relaxing. An evening of burritos and Coronas (no brew pub trip this time), and X-Box was time well spent. After getting up at 5:45am, I headed to my conference in Pewaukee, and had a good time. I also may have a lead on a job for school this fall (either work study or a partial assistantship). Apparently my educational background and work experience has some value.

After the conference, I headed back to Madison and just bummed around for awhile. A trip to Best Buy, wandering around REI, a visit to The Exclusive Company, and then a swing back through my old neighborhood.

After a quick visit with my old neighbors, I headed back downtown for dinner at the Great Dane with LC.

Quick report on dinner: excellent food, excellent conversation (if I hadn't been so tired I'd be reporting on the Great Dane's excellent beer too). I'm more confident then ever that Madison is the right place for me to be, and from everything I've heard so far, law school will be a great experience. LC's report on future classmates was also quite promising.

The drive back to the temperate wasteland proved quite uneventful, and work today wasn't worth the effort...especially considering how nice it was outside. I'm already looking forward to my next planned trip to Madison over Memorial Day weekend...although I may have to head down earlier to do some apartment searching.

Only 73 days left of work...they just can't go by fast enough.