Tuesday, March 29, 2005

and he points to his survival, and he points me down the road

Okay...so I guess I jinxed myself by hoping I'd be able to get a nice bike ride in today. Oh well...didn't happen. Got stuck at work for a full day...and apparently involuntarily gave up my lunch hour (retail value about $22) for 3 slices of pizza and a can of soda (retail value about $3). I have brilliant co-workers, obviously, because they thought it was a good idea, and voted on it while I was at training yesterday. Freaking morons.

So, the road bike remains hanging on the custom-built wall rack, waiting for the weather to clear up again...maybe this weekend, maybe not.

I'd like to welcome my new Madison visitors, including MT, who put a wonderfully enjoyable spin on the idea of my counter. I still personally think of it as an escape from my job...regardless of what awaits on the other side.