Monday, April 04, 2005

Trivia Post #3

So today I took a half day from work and got to spend the afternoon waiting in line outside in some wonderful weather. Trivia registration started officially at 3pm, and I was in line at 1:15pm...and no, I was not anywhere near the front of the line. There were at least 60-70 people lined up ahead of me, some of whom had been there since early morning, or even the night before. They don't do it for prizes, special recognition, or anything else...they simply do it for fun.

I was in line with the representative of the team that won the contest last year, along with the team that finished 11th, and several teams that have been playing for many years as well. We just missed out on the top 20 last year, but right now I've got a good feeling about this year.

So why register the first day if the contest isn't until this weekend? Well, the contest actually starts at 3pm with the start of registration. Every team is given two copies of a book called The New Trivia Times, which contains 24 pictures of people, animals, logos, advertisements, etc., and the teams have until the question regarding that particular picture is asked during the contest to identify it, and find out all kinds of other facts that may be connected to it.