Monday, March 28, 2005


Well, today the Frozen Wasteland may or may not have hit 70 all depends on which bank thermometer you might have looked at. I was fortunate that I got to spend the day in town (rather than driving north to work). I had an all-day erosion control training seminar at the local university (yep...same one that just won the D3 Mens Basketball National Championship, again).

I mention that tidbit simply to manufacture a stellar transition to this paragraph. It seems that the University of Tennessee has written a large enough check to woo away Bruce Pearl from UW-Milwaukee (the wonders a Sweet 16 appearance has on your career). Anyway, the coach of our beloved Pointers may or may not have been contacted regarding replacing Bruce Pearl at UW-Milwaukee...and the coaching carousel begins to spin.

Back to the I can say. Short work day, lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful beautiful day. Looks like the next 2 days may be similar, and I may have shorter than normal work days at the office due to additional training there (yeah, I suppose the training is a little silly considering the countdown on the sidebar...oh makes the days pass quicker).

I'm thinking my wonderful road bike may have to go for a spin after work tomorrow, or for a long ride in the nice weather we're supposed to have this weekend...time will tell.