Wednesday, May 11, 2005

our noses have begun to rust

Maybe that's the result of all the egg on their collective faces...The Board of Trustees for Marquette University have announced they will be holding an emergency meeting today. The topic? The idiotic and rash decision to change the university athletics mascot to the "Gold". Or more precisely, the near 100% negative reaction that decision has generated. While I'm not holding my breath that they will admit to this slight oversight mistake colossal blunder of astronomic proportions, AND FIX IT...I would appreciate it nonetheless.

From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:
The Marquette University Board of Trustees has scheduled an emergency meeting today to review the flood of angry e-mails, letters and phone calls from concerned alumni, faculty and students upset over last week's decision to adopt Gold as the school's nickname.

Rana Altenburg, Marquette's vice president for public affairs, confirmed the meeting. She said she did not know whether the trustees would consider dropping the Gold nickname and adopting a new one.

Rather, she said, the board is getting together "because they want to review the communications from students, alumni, faculty and other stakeholders regarding the decision."

"All of the individuals on our board have a very strong commitment to this institution," Altenburg said. "Our trustees feel very deeply about Marquette. As part of that commitment, they want to pay careful attention to the concerns of all Marquette stakeholders."
The news of the meeting came as some cracks started to appear among the board, at least one trustee. In that case, John J. Stollenwerk, president and CEO of the Allen-Edmonds Shoe Corp. and a prominent trustee, wrote an e-mail to a friend expressing his concern about the process the board took to adopt Gold.
In the e-mail to the unidentified friend, Stollenwerk said he hoped the board would rescind its decision regarding Gold in the context of his concern that the process did not include all members of the Marquette community.
But the reaction from students, faculty and alumni was immediate and nearly all negative. With Web sites exhorting students and alumni to protest, the university was bombarded by e-mails, calls and letters protesting the decision to adopt Gold. Many upset alumni argued that Marquette had become a national joke both for the nickname and the way the trustees decided the matter.