Tuesday, July 05, 2005

JS Online: No cash for beer? No problem

Nothing like a little monopoly to help a festival run more smoothly. Besides, at $5 a beer, the credit card is a necessity, not a luxury.

JS Online: No cash for beer? No problem: "Your last dollar won't mean your last call at Summerfest, as patrons will discover when the fest opens on Thursday.

For the first time, cash registers at the 43 beer stands at Maier Festival Park will have swipe-and-go credit card capability. The next round for you and your friends is only a simple electronic transaction away.
Summerfest managers say they made the change to make it more convenient for Big Gig patrons.
A comment in the festival budget for this year adds another possible motivation: 'Beverage sales will be reorganized in 2005. The change will result in an increase in profits.'
Along with installation of credit card systems at 350 cash registers, Summerfest has contracted out nearly all of its beer vending to one business: Major Goolsby's."