Sunday, January 16, 2005

Obvious results

Well...I did watch the Vikings get pummeled by the Eagles, and I also watched the Patriots prove once again that offense doesn't win championships when they destroyed the Colts.

Regardless, this weekend also proved that dome teams don't win championships in the NFL. Football was meant to be played outdoors, in cold weather, preferably with snow...just like the Patriots/Colts game today. The elements are supposed to be part of the challenge of the game...throwing 49 touchdown passes inside where you don't have to fight the wind, rain, cold doesn't prove a whole lot...especially when you go outside and manage a single field Pathetic really.

The entire Patriots team were the stars of the day, as they were for nearly the entire season (which helped me to win my Fantasy Football league...regular and post season).

I guess the whole point to this is that stadiums should have natural grass and no lids. Play the game the way it was intended...